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Our coalition is strong with the heart and will needed to work hard on making positive impacts on the community, filled with intelligence to make a plan that best suits the needs of the community, and packed with experience in life to help guide our plan to success.

The Prosser CIA Coalition was formed in April 2013 by 8 different community sectors wanting to have a positive impact on today’s youth. The Prosser Coalition is made up of individuals from all walks of life, residents, different ethnicities and many citizens that are already involved in community activities with similar goals and objectives.


Our Mission

The mission of the CIA is to build and sustain a healthy community through substance abuse prevention and education.

Our Key Values:

Diversity: The CIA strives to build partnerships for a common goal. Working together to combine our assets to include those who are not always included- combining our public entities with our private industries- provided bridges between culture, spirituality, education and city government. Looking at the bigger picture to create acceptance and tolerance among all involved and all those we hope to affect with positive change.

Respect: Coalition support depends on input and guidance from everyone. We recognize the importance to respect our neighbors, take care of others and working together not against each other will make our coalition efforts a success. Through acknowledging the youth perspective as one of our greatest assets and by including the wine industry in our decision making processes we will think of others first and all of us as a whole.

Safety: Our coalition hopes to instill a sense of security among community members. We hope to become guardians for our youth. Together, through our prevention efforts, protecting our community and working to help make Prosser stronger mind, body and spirit.

Excellence: We use this word to describe so many of our key characteristics. We promote a positive and aggressive work ethic. We will be active and not lazy in the work that must be done. We will always perform our best and gracefully guide other to do the same. We will encourage. We will be honest and trustworthy. Together we will take responsibility in protecting our community!


 Suicide Prevention Walk - September 2016

Suicide Prevention Walk - September 2016